BST How to b lnw!!!

BST or p'Sheep!!!

Purpose of playing: BST (post lv90+ only)

1. Solo

2. DD

3. Tank

I'll skip DD part, as u need to check up how to build dmg for Axe which i dont no much about it.


Bst can solo many NM outside and inside Abyssea, wht u need to know as follows;

1. To avoid;

1.1 Mob/NM that have DOOM ability & spells, its will kill your pets in 10sec.

1.2 Mob/NM that can reset hate, all hate will come to you after its reset, solution is to use SPUR transfer your hate to your pet.

2. Extra concentrate when fight;

2.1 Mob/NM that can use poison, bio and any other DoT abilities & spells, solution is to cure/erase/poisiona your pet.

2.1 Mob/NM that can stronger than you pet in Ecosystem, its will intimidate your pet quit often.

Most important is check to Beast Strength Chart before fight.

What we solo for?

We solo for items, experience points & train weapon skills.

Now a day, solo for exp is not recommend as we go abby pt will be way faster.


Mostly tank role will b in place in abby whereas atma can also gain benefit to both master and pet.

Tank is also need to check Beast Strength Chart so that your pet can intimidate your enemy too, as well as more dmg.

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