FFXI 24 May Update ระบบคิดภาษี & บาซ่าร์ในเมืองคนรวยแบบใหม่, จัดระเบียบอัลซาบี้

FINAL FANTASY XI Update (May. 24)

At the following time we have performed a version update of FINAL FANTASY XI.

[Affected Period]

May 24, 2006 4:00 (PDT)

[Affected Services]


[Important Update Details]

- Calculation of auction house charges has been changed to as follow:

[Jueno / Nashmau / Tavnazia areas]

Single item: 1% of selling price + 50 gil

Stack item: 0.5% of selling price + 200 gil

[Al Zahbi] << เช็คมาแล้ว รวมถึงไวท์เกทด้วย

Single item: 1% of selling price + 100 gil

Stack item: 0.5% of selling price + 400 gil

- Bazaar taxes for the following areas have been lowered from 10% to 5%:

Ru'Lude Gardens, Upper Jeuno, Lower Jeuno, Port Jeuno

- The following players will be automatically moved to Aht Urhgan Whitegate when the Al Zahbi area has reached its maximum amount of population:

- When logging into Al Zahbi

- Attempt to move into Al Zahbi from nearby areas

- After receiving the "Tractor" spell

- When moved to any Homepoints within Al Zahbi

- During defensive Besieged, beastmen will now focus on reaching their goal, the Astral Plinth, than actively involving into battles.

- An issue wherein players may be able to receive experience points and Imperial Standings which has exeeded the cap has been fixed.

- Addressed an issue where internal test messages would display on the screen during Besieged.
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