Good news for Provenance BC

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posted by Camate (one of the SE forum's admin)


As we have finally reached the final chapter for Voidwatch, starting with the upcoming version update we will be implementing adjustments focusing on making this content more enjoyable.

Adjustment content


Upcoming version update (scheduled for mid-May)

Adjustments to drop rates and number of drops from Provenance Watcher

Crystal Petrifact stack quantity increased from 12 to 99

Next version update

Application of the weakness system of the final chapter to all the other chapters

Implementation of ticket system for specific items

Implementation of a system where weakening monsters is possible through paying a fee (Excluding the final chapter)




As I mentioned at the top, we will be making this content more enjoyable, but to go into a bit more detail on this, the idea is centralized around those who are coming in late and did not do this content as it came out with everyone as well as those players who cannot log in during peak times.

Specifically, we are planning to increase the options to counter situations such as not being able to participate when there is a shout due to progression issues, lacking members to defeat a monster, and the strong desire to obtain a certain item.

This post was intended to serve as an outline for the adjustments and the objective behind them, but we will be bringing you specific details for each adjustment in the near future.
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