*****[New Album] Yui - Can't Buy My Love [2nd Album] อัลบั้มใหม่ล่าสุดๆๆๆๆ*****

Yui - Can't Buy My Love [2nd Album]

Studio albumYui

Released April 4, 2007

Recorded 2007

Genre J-Pop, J-Rock

Label Sony Music Japan, STUDIOSEVEN Recordings

[b/]Biterate[/b] : 188-192 kb

Download from : Upload.th.la [Mirror] thaiupload

File : Rar 60 mb

Track listing

01. How Crazy

02. Rolling Star

03. It's All Right

04. I Remember You

05. Ruido

06. CHE.R.RY

07. Thank You My Teens

08. Umbrella

09. Highway Chance

10. Happy Birthday to You You

11. Winding Road

12. Good-bye Days

13. Why?



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Can't Buy My Love is the second full album of Japanese singer/songwriter Yui. It will be released April 4, 2007.

Credit by : Jpopsuki &พี่ kaito[t/t3] จากบอร์ด Groovy

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