Super Robot Wars @3 cheats

um can someone please post up some codebreaker or action replay max codes for Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 (JAP) for the ps2? Can you guys post up codes for Units and Pilots (E.G so i can use Touma, and DaiRaioh on Cobray's Route, or use boss units like Rau and the Providence)?

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Melee style Apr 15 2007 14:15

[G]-[S]aviou[R] Apr 15 2007 14:20

This webboard have search button if u want to find anything
must search it before build Junk Topic

Some Code Topic

SUpps Apr 15 2007 15:08

Im looking for cheats like the ones used in this video!

Player using Rau le Creuset

Player using Ruach!

and yes i did search, but those are not the type of codes im looking for! and gamefaqs does not have this cheat!