WoG Job Adjustment!

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Ability that creates a benefit to WAR for claims. Something like a MNK counter that also stores TP. Used to help pulling. Instead of creating a new tank job, trying to improve existing tanks.


Concept for MNK is to reduce TP given. Possibly adding something to Kicks - either a weapon skill or a battle stance that increases kick attack speeds.

White Mage

At the time of the new expansion - new spell called Repose - a sleep spell. Also effective with scholar sub. Also want to add more teleport spells.

Black Mage

Recognize that skill chains are not happening and then no bursts. They are looking at lowering the resistance rate of skill chains. Also additions to transportations.

Red Mage

Considering magic to allow RDM to move up to front lines.


New JA "Accomplice" - it will steal a PT enmity and transfer to himself. Used with perfect dodge or to help a mage in trouble.


Considering a reflect spell to reflect damage.

Dark Knight

Design concept was attacker with magic. More DRK specific spells for use in battle.


Several new things. 1. Amount of HP with wait will be Greatly increased. 2. New pet command - Snarl - jug pet only order a pet to take all master enmity. A provoke for pets. 3. New pet food to cure all status aliments and lowering recast on reward.


New songs and abilities. Command to select a single target for a song. Make bard busier by increasing number of casts.


New ability - Velocity Chuck - ranged attacks will be faster and more powerful and melee will be less powerful.


Concept is profession able to build TP. Recent additions made SAM too powerful. There will be some adjustments. Additions may include ability to improve skillchains - such as making them faster or reducing resistance to skill chains.


Possible new ninjitsu with sneak effect. Possible new ability which temporarily reduces enmity and then restores it to previous amount.


Increase number of actions wyvern takes in battle.


New ability. Restore MP by elemental spirits. Ability may also be tied to days of the week and weather. There will be another announcement on SMN later tonight.

Blue Mage

New monster spells.


New rolls for 2 new jobs. Add effect to quick draw where they can charge it like the scholars.


Considering new attachments and adjustments to existing ones. New automaton weapon skills.
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