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In order to activate the Ark Pentasphere Battle, you must unlock the Quest (Not Mission) called "Divine Might"

When you first enter Ru'Aun Garders, Just walk Straight. Take the Teleporter down to the main island, and continue walking straight there. Walk in the hallway with all the Dolls against the wall, don't worry, nothing will aggro you as long as you are directly in the center. Once you pass the dolls you'll see an enormous tower infront of you, keep going straight and go inside. Once inside of Ru'Avitau, keep walking striaght again, and you'll see these 5 huge "pods" sort of. The Largest Pod in the Center has a Targettable point on it, Check it and you should get a Cut-Scene. Voila, now you have Divine Might in your Quest -> Current -> Outlands log.

You must then buy a Parchment and Illuminink. Illuminink is quite hard to come by. Bring those right outside of Hall of the Gods in Ro'Maeve, and you'll see a Pond. Trade both items to the Pond when it is Full of Water. The only time the pond becomes filled with Water is during the Full Moon at 0:00 to 3:00. (Mystery Tour states another condition called "fine(?)" maybe suggesting the Weather has to be clear, but I doubt that would be an issue) You'll recieve an Ark Pentasphere(rare/ex). Bring that to any of the La'Loff Amphitheatre's and Trade it to the Burning Circle to Enter the Fight.


The Reward for beating all the Ark Angels (whichever way you beat them) is a choice 1 of 5 earrings. You only get 1 choice, so choose wisely...

Beast Earring;



Axe Skill+5



Enhance "Dual Weild"

Sword Skill+5

Knight's Earring;


Shield Skill+5

Divine Magic Skill+5

Abyss Earring;


Scythe Skill+5

Dark Magic Skill+5



Great Katana Skill+5

Parrying Skill+5

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