being bad

The situation now has more and more deaths every day and it seems that the situation is getting worse with more and more new infections and the same old ones are still not cured and hurt. The country's economy is also collapsing and the remedies and responsibility from the various organizations that the people should receive, the black-eyed people are suffering from this situation. It is very much all areas are damaged and the office risks are coerced. We have to be more cautious and the situation forces the traders to trade and seems unable to coerce starvation and maternity and raising families, only to give up those risks in order to give up. They have survived in each life because they will have to go out to earn a living to charge the cable because the power of the people is no different from the magnate capitalist who has the money for a long time, they are able to live. happily if they can work, but for the general public, trading is their main occupation, if they don't do it, they have no income, if they don't have income they will starve to death.

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