In this bad economy, no matter how much money we have, we should keep it to fund our living because we don't know how long we will have to meet each other like this situation. that the economy has not been stimulated or that the economy will deteriorate and the more Laos is a country that has an epidemic of the virus Or the corona virus, it makes it difficult to pay for camp or our work now, and the money that we have today is even less because of the daily spending and shopping of We are still going on every day, and if we do not have income from wages, or that doing business with work may make our lives, then surely now, whether there is a lot of money, less money. If we are unable to find it, then it is our profit and it is able to allow us to continue living for sure that no one would want to face problems in terms of finances because of financial problems. That is considered a very big issue because it may cause our lives to be destroyed or cause many people to suffer as well, no matter what the situation is now, but money is the main factor in living. Because it can be used in different places and used in different occasions as well.

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