Funny NA noob saying


By a 01THF/ :

/sh Can I get a heal?

/t are you poisoned?

/sh No

/t well, you can heal yourself in that case

/sh No I can't. I'm a THF.


(We all know this one. ^^)

/t Can I have some gil?


While standing just inside Leviathan's Gate in Woods:

/sh How do i get outside?


By someone who couldnt have been over 12 Y/O:

"Hehehe, im not wearing n e pantz"


By a level 2 ??? in West Sarutabaruta just outside Leviathan's gate (with a dead buddy close at hand):

"Can my friend have a raise?"


"What is that 'M'"


"Why do I have a '?'"


By a MNK just outside Leviathan's Gate directly after PS2 release (and as i recall, level 4):

"Ha! I'm going to level my MNK without any weapons until level 30!"

/t You're going to have a hard time finding a party

/t I'm not gonna party either!


And, my overall favorite:

While running through Windurst leveling my new BRD (BTW, without any pants or shoes b/c 1 def is a waste of my money IMHO), a player with a "?" next to his name /checks me, then runs by and /checks me again. Then i see this on my screen:

/t You know, you should buy some pants because the monsters in this area hit you really low on the body.


i've caught a couple of ppl trying to talk to NPCs before

"hey, why is your name green" etc


Just keep curing the warrior RDM!

rdm14 Whats cure?

15 minutes after...

rdm14 Oh, this is cure?

rdm14 casts Cure.



me: Dude, you are a warrior, you have to provoke it!

newb: Huh? oh, ok [provokes the mob] What the?? I'm not provoking it, that causes me to get hit!


noob war: hey can u plvl me.

me (lvl 54 drg): i cant man im not a mage. im a DRAGOON

noob war: dude i'll pay u 1k, all u have to do is tank it and heal me if i get hit.

me (lvl 54 drg): it cant work that way man u wont get any exp, i cant cure u anyway im a DRAGOON.

noob war: why are u being a ****! im gonna pay u!

me (lvl 54 drg): /em points and laughs at

noob war: why are u guys so mean to the new players!

me (lvl 54 drg): im no being mean, im just tellin u i dont have the capabilities to power lvl u. please read the manaul or look up some guides online to see what different jobs do. what you are lookin for are whms or rdms or even blms with whm sub

noob war: u are just lying to me! u stupid ****


I was standing in front of the Zerun mines entrance in Bastok.

Someone said, "Excuse me".

So I said, "Yes, what do you need."

They said, "Are you who I give the report to?".

No joke.

They shall remain nameless.

I heard about this happening, but I really didn't believe.. until that moment..

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