Kirin guide

เจอมาจาก FFXIONLINE เอามาฝากไว้ก่อนเผื่อหาย ^^


The fight has several phases:

Phase 1: Ninjas and WAR/NIN will provoke kirin and kite all around the room. nobody even thinks of attacking or dealing damage.

Phase 2: Kirin summons a God. Outer Party claims and calls for help. Main tanks (only need 2-4) continue to kite Kirin while everyone else kills the gods. The summoned gods are much weaker than the real ones you fought to get the seals. They do use 2 Hours though.

Phase 3: After all 4 gods have been killed, main alliance removes healers and adds BLM + RNG to deal damage. BLM constantly swap in/out of party when they have MP. All other members (Healers, etc) form outside alliances and keep people alive. Tanks continue to kite Kirin while BLM and RNG deal damage. MNK boost outside of alliance, and then get invited to release Chi Blast.

Shadowbind is guaranteed hit, and usually binds for over 30 seconds. They key to shadowbind is to announce you are using it so nobody attacks Kirin. If a monster takes ANY damage (including poison damage) after being shadowbound, they will unbind.

Our Linkshell has sucessfully killed Kirin with as little as 18 people (I think it was 18, maybe a little bit more), but for a first attempt you'd probably want at least 2 full alliances.

Usually the only problems are when he sucessfully casts Stonega IV (usually on a RNG who takes hate), and when he uses Astral Flow. Other than that it's just a massive Free-for-all with RNG, NIN, BLM, and WAR/NIN all fighting for hate and dragging Kirin all around the room.

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