Letter from the Producer LIVE Part X Q&A


[spoil=Job Adjustment]

Q1: Please tell us about dragoon adjustments. Also, you mentioned that you wouldn’t be making dragoons invincible while jumping, but can you explain why this this can’t be done, when black mage has something similar, and other constant damage actions.A1: First, regarding invincible while jumping, jumps are attack actions. Black mage and other such actions have their own effect and after a set period of time the effect wears off, and they consume an action slot. Making you invincible while jumping would enable you to become invincible while attacking so we do not have any plans to do this.

Next, in regards to dragoon adjustments, last time we discussed warrior adjustments because it was a special case due to the fact that there was a mistake in balancing which gave paladin clear advantages and is also a large scale adjustment.

With that said though, I won’t go over all of the adjustments, but I would like to touch on a bit.

We’ll be making adjustments to recast times for lancer and dragoon, reducing the time in which movement is locked after jumping, and improving the area where dragoons land after jumping. Overall they will be receiving a 10% DPS boost.

With this, it will be possible to move after you jump, so you will be able to dodge quickly after.[/quote]

Q2: You have said that in FFXIV: ARR, the character's position is checked by the server once every 0.3 seconds. However there are times where the character receives AoE damage even though the character on the screen is outside of the range. Seems like the information on character's position is not up to date. Is there any plan to make an adjustment to this? A2: If we apply faster response times in all areas, the load on the servers will be too much. Therefore, while it will only be for certain areas (for example high-level content and the Wolves' Den), you will be able to notice the faster response times. Please stay tuned![/quote]

Q3: There is an issue where tank and melee DPS classes run out of TP frequently, but BLM feels like it has infinite MP. What are your thoughts on this? A3: While if you only look at the results, the BLM does have an infinite amount of MP. However, please note that the BLM cannot do anything once they run out of MP and also have to constantly rotate their abilities to maintain their MP. I feel it’s not fair to compare this mechanic to the TP. With all the new loot coming in 2.1, why don’t you test out the BLM and see the difference for yourself![/quote]

Q6: Please tell us about the adjustment details on other jobs other than the dragoons. A6:


The buff effect of “Greased Lightning” will be increased. In addition, the amount of bonus damage monks will be able to do from behind a target will be increased.


We have made adjustments to certain cross class actions that the bards can set.

Black Mage:

While we focused on buffing the melee DPS classes/jobs for this patch, we do not have any plans to buff the black mage job. On a side note, there was a bug that caused players to be able to use flare twice in a row, but that will be addressed. [/quote] [/spoil]

[spoil=Crystal Tower]

[quote= Q4: How high is the difficulty for Crystal Tower? Is it something you can gather for easily?] A4: The item level you would need to take on this content is item level 55. [/quote]

[quote= Q5: Are the rewards for Crystal Tower going to be need/greed between 24 players?] A5: For each boss you fight there will be a treasure chest for each party, so you will be need/greed-ing between 8 players.[/quote]

[quote= Q7: What’s that icon on the upper portion of the screen (Crystal Tower section)?] A7: It’s a UI feature that allows your party to check the HP of the other alliance parties. [/quote]

[quote= Q8: What item level will the rewards from Crystal Tower be?] A8: Item level 80. [/quote]

[quote= Q9: What kind of benefits does Crystal Tower have for players who are already doing the Binding Coil of Bahamut?] A9: You’ll be able to obtain equipment that can then be used with the “vanity” (name TBD) system that we will be implementing later, and you can also obtain equipment for your alternate classes and jobs. [/quote]

[quote= Q10: Will you be able to form your own alliances and enter Crystal Tower?] A10: In patch 2.1 you will not be able to form your own alliance. You can enter with a party of eight.[/quote]

[quote= Q11: Will Crystal Tower have a progress record similar to Binding Coil of Bahamut?] A11: No, progress will not be recorded. However, similar to Binding Coil, we will be updating this every other patch, and to take on the next phase you will have to clear this upcoming phase first.[/quote]

[quote= Q12: When forming an alliance for Crystal Tower, how will you chat with party members?] A12: You can use the party chat channel, however, we are also preparing an alliance chat channel so please use both of them depending on the situation.[/quote]

[quote= Q13: Crystal Tower has content where you split into three party and do different things, but if one party is having difficulties will the other two parties be able to assist?] A13: In the large rooms other parties will be able to assist; however, there are also tricky mechanics where you won’t be able to help.[/quote]

[quote= Q14: About the tokens that we can earn in the Crystal Tower, are they going to be Tomestones: Philosophy/Mythology or will it be something different?] A14: While they will be Philosophy/Mythology tomestones at the start of patch 2.1, we plan to implement additional types of tomestones in the future.[/quote]

[quote= Q18: If a PlayStation 3 player enters the Crystal Tower, will they encounter any display issues?] A18: We specifically designed it so that all 24 players of your alliance will display properly. Please do not worry![/quote][/spoil]

[spoil=Beauty Salon]

[quote= Q19: How much will it cost to each time you want to change your hairstyle in the beauty salon?] A19: 2,000 gil.[/quote]

[quote= Q20: Are there any limitations to the number of times a player can use the beauty salon?] A20: No, there are no limitations.[/quote]

[quote= Q21: Besides hairstyles, what other things can you change?] A21: Hair color, eyebrows, face paint, face paint color, facial hair, facial features, and tattoos. The team is also carefully adjusting skin color and eye color as they have racial aspects.[/quote]

[quote= Q22: Will there be more beauty salon options added in the future?] A22: We currently plan on implementing additional options through our future patches. Please note that every patch will be focused on a specific race. In addition, players will be able to choose hairstyles from other races. Please stay tuned![/quote]

[quote= Q23: Will you be able to change your appearance while sitting in front of a mirror just like real-life beauty salons?] A23: We felt it wouldn’t be very practical as there were problems with lighting and not being able to see what’s going on around you, so we made it into something where you can only change the facial aspects of character creation.[/quote] [/spoil]

[Spoil=Good King Moggle Mog XII]

[quote= Q24: How difficult is the Good King Moggle Mog XII fight?] A24: It's about on par with the hard Garuda fight or maybe a little bit more difficult. Please note that we plan on implementing the extreme mode in patch 2.2![/quote]

[quote= Q25: Will the Good King Moogle Mog XII fight have the same music as 1.0?] A25: (Shows a video)[/quote]

[quote= Q26: Do you have any plans to implement a normal mode for Good King Moggle Mog XII?] A26: We implemented normal modes of the primal fights only if they were part of the main story. Unfortunately, these new fights are tailored for level 50 players so there are no plans to add a normal mode.[/quote]

[quote= Q27: Can you obtain a moogle minion from the battle?]A27: We are thinking of a different way of introducing this, so it will not be a reward for Good King Moggle Mog XII. [/quote]

[quote= Q28: What about cosmetic-type moogle equipment?] A28: It won’t be in patch 2.1, but please look forward to the future.[/quote]

[quote= Q29: Considering how common the relic weapons are lately, it seems like there’s no point in trying to obtain the weapons that drop from Good King Moogle Mog XII] A29: The weapons that drop from Good King Moogle Mog XII will be item level 80. On a related note, we will be increasing the item level of the Allagan gear from ilvl 90 to ilvl 95. [/quote] [/spoil]

[spoil=Duty Finder Related (Duty Roulette, MVP & Voke Kick)]

[quote= Q31: Will a kick feature be implemented to the Duty Finder?]A31: We will be adding this in patch 2.1. It will be a vote kick-style system and their will be limitations when using it.[/quote]

[quote= Q32: If we use the Duty Roulette feature, there seems to be no time for us to change the settings on hotbar/cross hotbar. Is there any way we can get some sort of preparation time?]A32: Since everybody plays their character in their own way, we currently have no plans of adding a set preparation time. Please be sure to make these preparation before you use the Duty Roulette feature.[/quote]

[quote= Q33: Will there be any countermeasures for problems arising between level 50 players and low-level players due to different objectives and pace in the Duty Finder?]A33: We will be adding a large-scale party recruitment feature, so you’ll be able to properly tailor your runs to your objective. Also, we will be implementing the MVP feature, and we’d like you to have fun playing with these new tools.[/quote]

[quote= Q34: I am concerned that the MVP system will cause more player-to-player conflicts.]A34: We believe the players got the wrong idea of the system because we called it the MVP system. Therefore, we have decided to change it to the “MIP (Most Impressive Player)” system. Simply put, we would like for you to vote on the player that was the nicest member instead of the voting on the player that was the best during the run. We wanted it to be a feature where players were able to thank each other.[/quote]

[quote= Q35: If you leave content after getting matched with the Duty Roulette, will you lose your bonus for the day?]A35: Your credit for the day will be used when you receive your rewards.[/quote]

[quote= Q36: Can you use with the Duty Roulette with a party of 2-3 people?]A36: This is a feature that can currently only be used solo. We will be updating this in the future to support parties with multiple people.[/quote]

[quote= Q37: If I queue up to the Duty Roulette as an arcanist and get matched to content that is under 30, will I be able to participate as a healer?]A37: While this won’t be implemented in patch 2.1, this has been included in our plans for a future update.[/quote]

[quote= Q38: Will I be able to enter dungeons that I have not unlocked through the Duty Roulette feature?]A38: Yes, you will be able to enter unlocked dungeons as long as it is in within the same group (low, high, etc.).[/quote]

[quote= Q39: Are there any limitations to voting with the MIP feature such as the number of times you can vote or who you can vote on?]A39: The MIP feature can only be used when you are playing solo. This is both for the voter and the person that is being voted for.[/quote]

[quote= Q40: Are there any plans on being able to challenge the dhorme chimera, hydra, or Binding Coil of Bahamut dungeon through the Duty Finder?]A40: While it will not make by patch 2.1, we do have plans to add the dhorme chimera and hydra fights to the Duty Finder. However, we currently have no plans of adding the Binding Coil of Bahamut. Please make use of the party search feature that will be added in patch 2.1![/quote][/spoil]

[spoil=Pharos Sirius (New Lv50 dungeon)]

[quote= Q41: What kind of dungeon is Pharos Sirius?]A41: Shows a video[/quote]

[quote= Q42: How many players can take on Pharos Sirius?]A42: Four.[/quote]

[quote= Q43: What is the difficulty level of Pharos Sirius compared to the currently implemented dungeons?]A43: The equipment that can be obtained in Pharos Sirius is item level 60, and we’ve adjusted it to be perfect difficulty-wise if you have all of your job-specific equipment.[/quote]

[quote= Q44: Are there any stories tied to the unlocking of Pharaos Sirius?]A44: You might remember going to the Isles of Umbra for the main story. Basically, you will be completing that part of the storyline.[/quote]

[quote= Q45: Similar to how Wanderer’s Palace has tonberries and Amdapor Keep has Demon Wall, will there be any iconic FINAL FANTASY elements in Pharos Sirius?]A45: We won’t be revealing the boss, but we feel it’s iconic to FINAL FANTASY. There will also be new kinds of mechanics.[/quote][/spoil]

[spoil= Hard Mode Dungeons]

[quote= Q46: What hard-mode dungeons will be implemented?]A46: Haukke Manor and Copperbell Mines.[/quote]

[quote= Q47: How will the hard-mode dungeons be different from the normal-mode dungeons?]A47: Differences include atmospheric changes, partial route changes, boss changes, and mechanic changes.[/quote]

[quote= Q48: Will there be any story tied to why we are taking on these hard-mode dungeons?]A48: Yes, there will be.[/quote]

[quote= Q49: Will there be rewards that can only be obtained from the hard-mode dungeons? If so, what item level will they be?]A49: Yes. They will be item level 60.[/quote]

[quote= Q50: Can you obtain Allagan tomestones from hard-mode dungeons?]A50: Yes, you can.[/quote]

[quote= Q51: Will there be any rare crafting materials that you can only obtain through the hard-mode dungeons?]A51: Crafting materials are tied more with the treasure hunt content that will be introducing in the next Letter from the Producer Live. However, please note that there are certain housing-related items that you can only obtain through these dungeons.[/quote]

[quote= Q52: What benefits are there for doing hard-mode dungeons?]A52: Hard-mode dungeons will expand your options for obtaining Allagan tomestones.[/quote][/spoil]

[spoil=Extreme Primal Fights]

[quote= Q53: What’s the item level requirement for the extreme primal fights?]A53: We are thinking around item level 70. Basically it will be the next step of the main story after defeating Titan hard mode, so the item level required to beat him.[/quote]

[quote= Q54: How hard will the extreme primal battles be? Is it going to be content where if you make just one mistake you'll completely wipe?]A54: It will be quite severe. I think it depends on the situation, but I don’t think it will be the case where you can’t recover during battle.[/quote]

[quote= Q55: What kind of mechanics will we see in the extreme primal battles?]A55: (Shown in stream)[/quote]

[quote= Q56: Will the extreme primal battles be part of the main story and/or be tied with the relic quest?]A56: Yes.[/quote]

[quote= Q57: You can obtain weapons for the hard mode primal battles, but what kind of rewards will there be for the extreme-modes?]A57: When you clear extreme-modes for Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan, you'll be able to obtain an item level 90 weapon as a reward. We've prepared weapons for each job.[/quote]

[quote= Q58: Will we be able to do the extreme primal battles through the Duty Finder?]A58: Yes.[/quote]

[quote= Q60: Currently we can obtain materials for housing furnishings from hard-mode primal battles, but will the drop rates be higher for extreme-mode? Will more of them drop?]A60: The materials you can obtain for hard-mode primal battles and those that you can obtain from extreme-mode primal battles are different. However, since it was prior to housing implementation we had made the drop rates lower for materials in hard-mode primal battles, but we will be increasing the drop rate in patch 2.1.[/quote][/spoil]


[quote= Q15: Will we be able to go to the Forbidden Land, Eureka?] A15: We are trying our best to replicate this content, so please look forward to future updates![/quote]

[quote= Q16: The amount of items will increase, but I’m having inventory problems with my current items. Will you be doing anything about the amount of inventory space?] A16: The additional retainer service couldn't make it in time for patch 2.1, so we will be increasing the amount of items that can be stored in the Armoire.

[quote= Q17: Can you show us the new bow that’s currently being displayed on the stream?] A17: (Shown on the stream)

[quote= Q30: Will there be a chance to receive another phial of Fantasia in the future?]A30: While it won’t be addressed in patch 2.1, we will be making this possible as an optional service.

[quote= Q59: What’s the release date of patch 2.1?]A59: We plan on releasing patch 2.1 on Dec. 17, 2013.

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