Transferring Character Data to FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn

All character data from FINAL FANTASY XIV Version 1.0 (hereafter referred to as Version 1.0) will be transferred to FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn (hereafter referred to as FFXIV: ARR).

Data will be transferred for all FINAL FANTASY XIV service accounts with preexisting character data, regardless of subscription status.

Extensive changes have been made to various items, abilities, and game systems, which will affect players with existing character data. The details of these changes have been outlined below.

* Version 1.0 data migration testing will take place during beta phase 3.

* All transferred data will be deleted upon completion of phase 3. However, Version 1.0 data will be transferred again at the start of phase 4, and be carried over to the official release.

* Circumstances may necessitate the deletion of character data during phase 4. In this event, character data will be transferred once more before the start of official service.


For FFXIV: ARR, additional data centers have been established in regions outside of Japan. Version 1.0 character data has been transferred to these regional data centers, and will be subsequently transferred to Worlds bearing the same names as before.

In the event that your character data has been transferred to an undesired region, we ask that you submit a World transfer application. Applications will be accepted during phase 3, and transfers will occur during phase 4.

Please read over the details of the World transfer before filling out the application.


FFXIV: ARR has been created with an entirely new graphics engine, and has also seen the addition of new races including Highlander females, Miqo'te males, and Roegadyn females. In light of these changes, players will be given the opportunity to change the appearance of Version 1.0 characters. All aspects can be altered, including race, gender, and name. Please note that changes can only be performed once.

Selecting Version 1.0 Characters for the First Time

Regardless of gear worn during the final save of Version 1.0 (November 1, 2012), Version 1.0 characters will be shown wearing race-specific starting gear.

Modifying Version 1.0 Characters

The appearance of Version 1.0 Characters can only modified when logging in for the first time after the start of official service. You cannot perform changes during phase 3 of the beta test. * If you believe your Version 1.0 character data has been improperly transferred, please contact the support center.

Starting Cities

When logging into FFXIV: ARR for the first time, your starting city will be determined by the starting class you choose. For example, selecting pugilist will place you in Ul'dah, and selecting marauder will place you in Limsa Lominsa. This is to ensure that characters start in the city that houses their guild.

Starting Class Guild Location


Arcanist * Limsa Lominsa



Conjurer Gridania



Thaumaturge Ul'dah

*Arcanist will not be available during the beta test.

* Players cannot start as a Disciple of the Hand or Land.

Attribute Points

All allocated attribute points will be reset. Please be aware that the number of points available for redistribution may differ due to rebalancing.

Classes and Jobs

Version 1.0 characters will retain their class and job levels. Unlike new characters, they will immediately have access to the Armoury system and possess the ability to change classes.

* Grand Company gear can only be equipped if you are enlisted in the corresponding company.

* Fisher will not be available in phase 3.


Certain class and job actions have been altered as part of battle system revisions.

Class Actions

In FFXIV: ARR, certain actions such as Piercing Talon and Fluid Aura can only be obtained by completing class quests. Version 1.0 characters will also be required to complete these quests in order to acquire these skills.

Job Actions

All job actions obtained in Version 1.0 will be carried over to FFXIV: ARR. Please note, however, that these skills have been rebalanced.


All main quests, sidequests, class quests, and job quests have been redesigned in FFXIV: ARR. Assuming quest requirements are met, all Version 1.0 characters will be able to undertake these quests.

Completed quests from Version 1.0 will be viewable in the Journal menu.

* Version 1.0 quests will not be viewable during phase 3.

Although the sidequest "A Relic Reborn" has been changed, all progress made in this quest has been saved.

* The sidequest "A Relic Reborn" will be available following phase 4.


Items held during the final save of Version 1.0 have been transferred to FFXIV: ARR. However, some items have been modified or removed.

* Items such as arrows, throwing weapons, and certain crafting materials have been automatically converted to gil. Please refer to the list of obsolete items.

Items not found in your inventory can be retrieved from the Calamity Salvager NPCs. They can be found at the following locations:

Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks

(X:11,Y:14) Old Gridania

(X:10,Y:8) Ul'dah: Merchant's Strip - Steps of Thal


* The location of the Calamity Salvager NPCs may change at release

Retainers Hired in Version 1.0

The names and appearances of retainers as well as any items in their possession have been carried over from Version 1.0.

Players will be required to rehire their retainers by speaking with one of the following NPCs:

Frydwyb Parnell Chachabi

Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks

(X:8,Y:11) Old Gridania

(X:14,Y:9) Ul'dah: Merchant's Strip


Hiring Retainers with Version 1.0 Characters

Unlike new characters, Version 1.0 characters can hire retainers immediately without the need to clear any particular quests.

The Appearance of Retainers from Version 1.0

Players will be allowed to change the appearance of retainers transferred from Version 1.0 one time only after the start of official service.

* You cannot change the appearance of retainers in your employ during the beta test. However, releasing and rehiring a retainer will change their appearance. Please note that in doing so, all items held by the retainer will be lost.

The Inn Armoire

In order to access the armoire inside the inn, players must unlock access to the inn by progressing through the main scenario quest line.

Spiritbond and Durability

The spiritbond of all gear has been reset to 0%.

The durability of all gear has been reset to 100%.

Dated Gear

Overall, dated gear is less powerful than gear obtainable in FFXIV: ARR.

Class requirements have been removed from dated gear.

Although dated gear cannot be dyed, some of these use colors not available in FFXIV: ARR.

Dated gear cannot be enhanced with materia.

The Monetary System, Crystals, and Inventory Limits

Please refer to the lodestone for detailed information on the following changes to items and the monetary system.



Inventory Limits

Items Removed from Game

Items Converted to Gil

Items to Become Unobtainable

Items to Become Untradable

Items to Become Unsellable


Gear dyeing

Waist Gear

Recommended Class to Become Required Class

Changes to Gear Attributes

High Quality Items

Obsolete Recipes


In accordance with revisions to the battle system, adjustments have been made to the materia system in FFXIV: ARR. Unlike new characters, Version 1.0 characters already capable of creating and attaching materia can use the materia crafting system without the need to complete any particular quests.

Linkshells, Friend Lists, and Blacklists

Any changes to player names will be reflected in linkshells, friend lists, and blacklists automatically.


All active linkshells have been carried over from Version 1.0. In the event a linkshell master moves to a different World, a new master will be selected automatically from the remaining members.

Friend Lists and Blacklists

Although friend lists and blacklists will be carried over from Version 1.0, players no longer in the same World will not be displayed. Also, please note that upon logging in to FFXIV: ARR for the first time, all players in your friend list from Version 1.0 will appear in a list of pending friend requests, which you must accept.

* Players can be deleted from this list.

Grand Companies

Version 1.0 characters will be required to progress through the main scenario quests in order to enlist in a Grand Company.

Enlisting in a Grand Company

Players will have the opportunity to choose a different Grand Company.

Ranks and Company Seals

Ranks and company seals will be restored to players upon reenlisting in their original Grand Company. Players who choose a different Grand Company will receive no such benefits.

* The ability to transfer to a different Grand Company will be implemented in an update following the start of official service.


Personal Chocobos

Although Version 1.0 characters will not be enlisted in Grand Companies initially, those who possess a chocobo whistle will be able to summon personal chocobos.

In FFXIV: ARR, chocobo whistles are no longer key items. If there was no space in your inventory for the chocobo whistle, it can be retrieved by speaking with one of the Calamity Salvager NPCs.

Personal chocobos will be equipped with the barding worn during the final save of Version 1.0

Players can change the name of their personal chocobos by speaking with the Wandering Minstrel NPC standing near the Grand Company headquarters in each of the three cities.

Grand Company barding will only be available after enlisting in a Grand Company

* Should a Version 1.0 character enlist in a different Grand Company, their personal chocobo will remain equipped with the barding used in Version 1.0 until it is changed by the player.


Like the chocobo whistle, the goobbue horn is no longer a key item.

Other Systems


Areas that have yet to be visited by a player will not be displayed on the map. These areas will appear automatically as players explore.

Teleport and Aetherytes

All aetherytes in FFXIV: ARR have been reconstructed. As such, Version 1.0 characters must first attune themselves with these new aetherytes before they can teleport to them. Furthermore, anima is no longer required to use teleportation. Instead, players must pay fees in gil based on the distance to the destination.


Macros from Version 1.0 have not been carried over.

The Lodestone

A new version of The Lodestone has been created. Both versions will be available concurrently for a brief period of time. The current version will then be archived and made viewable through the new Lodestone.

* An announcement detailing the transition to the new Lodestone will be made at a later date.

* When players are no longer able to log in to the current Lodestone, blog entries, character biographies, linkshell profiles, and posts in linkshell forums will no longer be available for editing or deletion. Please note that only blog entries and linkshell forum threads that have been set to public will be viewable in the archive.

The following information on The Lodestone will be archived:

Character biographies

Past blog entries

Uploaded photos


Lists of followers and users being followed.

Icons obtained from seasonal events

Linkshell profiles and linkshell forums

Please review previous topics for further information on the Lodestone and the transition to the new Lodestone.
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