10 Reasons why this game is EVIL! ^w^;

(;^-^A) Here are 10 reasons why this game is EVIL!

1. Decided to use "Do assignments due last week" time to play.

2. Skipped classes for 3 weeks to play.

3. Havent seen my GF in 2 weeks because id rather spend time playing the game (she doesnt know that though, i just said im busy)

4. Told friends id meet up with them but decided to cancel the same day so i could play.

5. Called in sick a few times at work so i could PLAY!

6. I have been going to bed every night for the past 3 weeks between 4-7am each night and waking up at midday-1pm the next day then playing again till 5am or what not.

7. I have no social life outside my bedroom.

8. I havent cought the train in 3 weeks, before i started playing i cought it everyday to college.

9. I hardly ever spend time with my family, maybe just at dinner time, then i lock myself in my room.

10. Im feeling lazy all the time now, before i got the game i was full of energy and life!

by cavill

X roommate of mine has a mmorpg addiction problem.

he moved away after he graduated. got secondary schooling. got a good job and nice place to live.

then EQ came online. 3 months after he took his first EQ hit he ended up loosing his job, loosing his appartment, and moving back into his parents house.

Just learn to realize that: LIFE > FFXI


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