(C72) SOUND HOLIC MEETS TOHO ~東方的紅蓮烈火弾~ Lyric

Lyric Special Thank : D.さん

:: Drive my Life ::

Album : SOUND HOLIC MEETS TOHO ~東方的紅蓮烈火弾~

Track : 02

Vocal : Nana Takahashi

Lyric & Arranged by ELEMENTAS

Genre : EURO BEAT x Vo.

Original : 東方妖々夢 // 「幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜 ~ Border of Life」

Hey,hey, Dee-jay

We're running thru the speed way

Take me to the top in the light

(Take me to the top in the light)

We gonna dancing in the night is over

Follow me, follow me tonite

(I've been waiting for your emotion in time)

Come baby drive me

Burning deep inside me

Running through the way like a fight

(Running through the way like a fight)

I wannna seek the power, my cherry is karma

It's gonna be, gonna be allright

(You've been searching for tomorrow for your life)


Baby, You can trust me honey now and forever

Why don't you speed up?

Fell & join, stay together

I've been Round around you boy, my lover

The next world is spinning for you


So you tell me now, I show you how

Feel the night before

(You gotta burning up my desire)

You take me up, I shake you up

You can set me free

(I want you baby, through the night)

Now you step in the abyss of me

Like fall into the sky

(Come and love me)

Please tear my darkness and

Drive me to your soul


Now the time to discover

Sun is shining higher than hell

(Sun is shining higher than hell)

You gotta changing your life, it's revolution

Freak it out, rage it my desire

(I've been waiting for your emotion in time)

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