chocobo จะไม่หลับตลอดกาลแล้ว @@ and /t alert

The following measures have been introduced to wake up a chocobo in "sleep" state:

- A new medicine that wakes up chocobos has been added.

- Now scolding a chocobo may also wake it up. This will not work every time, however.

*Using one of the above methods will decrease your chocobo’s affection for you, regardless of whether it awakens or not.

- The chocobo trainers will now wake up a chocobo without fail when a rest plan ends and another care plan begins.

ตั้ง care plan rest วันเดียว วันรุ่งขึ้นมันจะตื่น ชัวร์ o_O;; รึเปล่าหว่า

You can now select to hear a chime sound when receiving a /tell from another player using the /tell chat filter option.

{yes, please}

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