Puppetmaster tips

credit : http://www.ffxionline.com/forums/puppet.master/55630-my.puppetmaster.discoveries.html

*1st Discovery: As long as puppet has 100%HP, you can deactivate it, having the activate timer reset to 0 instead of whatever the current countdown was.

*2ed Discovery: If you deactivate it while it doesn't have full MP, but has full HP, the activate timer resets to 0. And if you reactivate it, it's MP is full. So you can have unlimited MP using this method.

*3rd Discovery: Equipping the harlquin body, with the valoredge head and the damage gauge, your puppet will toss a cure on you if you're below 50% health in his spell cycle.

-------All tests below done with mage puppet--------

*4th Discovery: If you're engaged with an enemy, you can make it use spells over and over again rapidly if you deactivate/activate it. For example, if you start the battle deploying it, it'll cast a spell. If you deactivate it and reactivate it immediatly, instead of having that "delay" between the spell casting, it'll cast the second you hit deploy.

5th Discovery: You can make it spam cures on you endlessly by acitvate/deactivate/deploying because it has full MP after you reactivate it, and it'll always toss a cure on you if you're HP is below 50% the second you hit deploy if you freshly activated him. I soloed a VT beetle doing this. (Harlequin Body with Valoredge head, with damage gauge)

6th Discovery: Using Light Maneuver/Dark Maneuver (in some areas, it doesn't work in kuftal for some reason..) gets it to start using it's strongest nuke, and it'll repeat to use it's strongest nuke as long as dark manuever and light maneuver is up.

7th Discovery: You can spam activate/deactivate/deploy to refill it's MP and it'll immediatly start casting it's strongest nuke instead of having that 10-15 sec delay. However you can't get it to spam it's strongest nuke before the mob hits 50% using the activate/deactivate/deploy method. As soon as the mob hits 50% you can spam Activate/deactivate/deploy and it'll ALWAYS use it's strongest nuke.
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