Quest สำหรับเอา Mannequins (หุ่นโชว์ชุด ไว้แขวนเสื้อใน Mog House)

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RandomNPC: You there! Young Taru, will you help me?

Hey linkshell! I think I found the NPC for the Mannequin quest!


RNPC: I need you to get me something

RNPC: I require a tentacle from the Sea Horror


Hey high level friends, will you help me?


*A Few Hours Later*

Chako, we hate you.

Well, I'm heading back to the NPC now. Bye! Thanks for your help!

RNPC: Good! Now, please give that to Maat in Jeuno

Maat: A tentacle from the Sea Horror! Incredible!

He thinks I'm incredible!

Maat: You are truly worthy of fighting me!

Say what?

Maat: Let the battle begin!

Maat begins casting Ultima XXVI

Oh dear lord

*A short while later*

Well, I defeated Maat!


I don't know...

Maat: You defeated me! You are truly worthy! Here, take this sign of defeating me!

Chakotay Recieved "Sign of Defeating Maat"

Back to RNPC I go!

RNPC: You defeated Maat!? Amazing! Now, for your next task!

There is more!?


RNPC: Take this item, and release the energy within it!

RNPC: You can do that by placing it within it's sacred hold within Dynamis - Ru'Avitau Shrine


*a few hours later*

Alrighty, I was able to tag along with this super high level alliance to Dynamis, and I've reached the point. Now lets see what happens!

*Odd cutscene in which Chakotay walks up to the sacred hold and places the item within it*

High Level Monster: You have awoken me! You shall die!


*Hours later*

RNPC: Congratulations! You have done everything I have asked. Here is a Mannequin! By the Way, it's cursed. Defeat the King Behemoth to uncurse it so you can actually put stuff on it!

I hate this game

The End


เป็นไง... -_-;;
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