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12/01/2003 03:00 [PST]

Notice regarding World Emigration(12/1)

We are happy to announce the arrival of a new

world for the World Emigration requests gathered

between 11/21/2003 and 11/30/2003!

*Number of Worlds: 1 (Name: Asura)

Since only one World has been designated, all

characters that submitted a World Emigration

request will be transferred to Asura.

We will not be extending the deadline for requests,

and will be conducting World Emigration as per the

date noted below. We ask that those players who

are to be transferred make sure they remove all

items from the Auction house(s) or their Delivery Box.

[World Emigration details]

Regarding date of transfer.

Transfer date and time: 12/8/2003 9:00

World Emigration will coincide with the server

maintenance which will occur on the same day.

Following the maintenance, characters that the

players designated will be transferred to the

designated world.

*Important! Things to watch out for when


We ask that players whose characters are to be

transferred do the following:

-Regarding character names:

Certain players may have to rename their

characters if their characters' name already exists.

There is no way to know beforehand whether or

not you will have to change your characters'

name. Additionally, after the deadline has passed

you can not cancel. If your characters' name

requires changing, your characters' name will be

highlighted in yellow in the character selection

screen following login. Changing your characters'

name, however, will not destroy your friend list,

or related data.

*Regarding items in the Delivery Box, or stored in

Auction Houses

Any items that are stored in Auction Houses or

the Delivery box will be destroyed at time of

transfer. We ask that you make sure to remove

such items and either store them on your

character, or inside your Mog safebox.

*Regarding used Linkshells

Linkpearls/sacks can not be transferred over

and will be destroyed in the process. However,

the Linkshell owner will instead receive a new

Linkshell upon arrival at the new world.

-After the Linkshell owner arrives in the new

world, he/she will find that the Linkshell that

he/she was using will have disappeared.

However, there will be a new Linkshell in its

stead. You do not need to do anything special in

order to exchange your new Linkshell.

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