CoP M 5-1,2 J pat Zez รายงานตัวหน่อยจ้า

จะได้นัดกันไปทำต่อซะที เห็นว่า M นี้มันค่อนข้างจะยาว บางทีอาจได้แบ่งช่วงไปทำ

- Part 1 Fight NM

- Part 2 Fight BC

ขอความกรุณาไปทำ Pre Q ในส่วนของการวิ่งคุยไปทั่วให้เสร็จ วันนัดจะได้เตรียมตัวออกเดินทางไปสู้ได้เลย

M 4-4 Slanderous Utterings

Return to Tavnazian Safehold and talk to Despachiaire. Go down to the basement and head to Sealion's Den.

Check on the Iron Gate for a cutscene to complete this chapter. New title gained.

CoP M5-1

Go to North San d'Oria Cathedral and talk to Chasalvige (L-6) in the manuscript room. Go to Port Sandoria Airship departure room and talk to Anoki (H-6).

Next go to Port Bastok and a cutscene with the next chapter's title opening will show. After that, go to Bastok Metalworks and talk with Cid.

Next go to Beaucedine Glacier to prepare to enter Promyvion - Vhazl. Enter via the tower where Nue spawns (F-7).

Walk straight in until you come to a Stone Door at (H-8). Check the door to activate a trap where a NM Golem 'Nunyunuwi' spawns

and attacks. Nunyunuwi has quite low HP of 3500, BUT it possesses an incredible auto-regen ability that heals 100+ HP/sec!! Soloing it is virtually impossible. Store TP to 300% and do a Dark renkei or spam with summoner LV70+ abilities to finish it off in a single blow.

Enter the Stone Door after defeating the golem and take the elevator down. Check the Stone Door there for a cutscene.

M 5-2 Desires of Emptiness

Level cap at LV50.

After going through 2 memory receptacle warps, you have to start looking for Memory Flux points to rescue the 3 NPCs.

First one is at (J-8). Check to spawn a Propagator NM. Defeat and look for memory receptacle to warp.

Second one at (M-6), check to spawn Solicitor NM. Defeat and warp to next level. Last flux is at (C-6/D-6) inbetween, check to

spawn Ponderer NM. Backtrack to (F-6) for BC entry.

BC fight: All 3 bosses (Holla, Mea, Dem) in one BC. Fighting one won't aggro the other 2. Next boss won't move until current boss

about 20% HP left. Store Tp or abilities and let it out on 20% to finish it off quickly before the next boss comes.

Try to devise ways to take care of the next incoming boss, like Shadow Bind or Avatars etc.

Suggested fighting order: Middle -> Left -> Right.

After defeating all three, head to the tower at (I-7) and talk to the 3 Tarutarus inside. Fly to Bastok's Metalworks to talk with Cid.

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